Monday, July 20, 2009

Tent Shopping

So far this year, we've managed to avoid camping, but with at least two (Freedom Rally & Cyclefest), and maybe three (Interlochen), camping rallies still to come this year, we thought it'd be a good time to finally get a decent tent.

Heather and I have already spent a good amount of time looking at various options and we've already made a trip yesterday to Mountain Equipment Co-op in Burlington to further investigate. We narrowed our choices to a 3-person Tarn and a 4-person Wanderer. However, we decided to wait another day and come back Monday with Heather's parents.

Monday was Heather's day off so she could do some more wedding planning and attend her mom's dress fitting. They finally got home at around 6 pm and about 30 minutes later we were all on the road to Burlington. We arrived at MEC about an hour later.

A parking sign greeting us at MEC.

After some deliberation with the help of a very knowledgeable employee, we settled on the Wanderer. With the tent in hand, we made our way through the store picking up various accessories to complement our new purchase.

Heather with all of our new purchases.

Now it was finally time for supper. We've had plans to go to St. Louis Bar & Grill with Jim & Sandy for a while now but since we were out of town and it was getting late we'd have to go to one in Burlington. Their website said that there was one location in Burlington on 450 Appleby Line. With the GPS set to that address we ended up in a normal neighbourhood with no restaurants in sight. Jim then selected another restaurant and after turning around we were back on Appleby Line. Shortly after, I noticed our first destination. That meant more turning around and dodging bicycles. Later we learned that the street number was actually 470.

Neatly presented sweet potato fries with dip.

The food was great as was the service although the restaurant wasn't busy at all. We arrived home at 10:30 and now Heather and I are looking forward to a weekend of practicing assembling and disassembling our new tent.


  1. Your last statement made me laugh. That's EXACTLY what Bob and I did when we bought a new tent. We wanted to make sure that we looked like we knew what we were doing when we set up the tent at a campground!

  2. That and we want to be able to strap all this equipment to our motorcycles in a reasonable time.